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From: Michael Blood <mlblood_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:43:29 2004
Message-ID: <3B44237A.660A_at_home.com>

        Out of curiosity, I looked up the 3 lunar thin sections that recently =

sold on eBay. While all were highly desirable, I was surprized to find =

one was a PARTICULARLY good deal, at only 1.2 times the price per =

square mm as the NWA 482 I am offering. I found the following as to =

prices per square mm: =

        (all sizes are close estimates, as perfect calculation is impossible =

due to the actual shapes of the specimens. However, the method of =

calculation is cited following, for those who are interested)

        Current offering: =

NWA 482 =3D 104.64 sq.mm =3D$ 7.65 per Sq.mm
        Recent eBay sales:
NWA 032 =3D 6.02 sq.mm =3D$42.36 per Sq.mm (5.5 times the price)
Dhofar 026 =3D 18.9 sq.mm =3D$20.10 per Sq.mm (2.6 times the price)
Dhofar 025 =3D 39.27 sq.mm=3D$ 9.04 per Sq.mm (1.2 times the price)

        Two of the NWA 482 T.S.s were sold immediately after the announcement.
(2 of the NWA 516 (AWIN)s sold, as well).
        Three of each are still available. Quality and sizes of each are =

all very close.
        Best wishes, Michael

        Calculations as follows:

NWA 482:
        Irregular shape with a right angle cut. =

Long side =3D 14.1 mm
Short base =3D 10.86mm =

        If an additional (imaginary) line is drawn parallel to the short base,
intersecting the point where the slanted side meets the very short side
parallel to the
longest side, one gets a right triangle (with a fusion crusted
hypotinuse) sitting atop a rectangle, as follows:
Right Triangle =3D 10.86mm X 8.93 =

                                =3D 96.98/2 =

                                =3D 48.49 sq.mm
Rectangle =3D 5.17mm X 10.86mm
                                =3D 56.15 sq.mm
AREA FOR NWA 482 =3D 104.64 sq.mm TOTAL
Sale price is $800- =3D $ 7.65 per sq.mm
NWA 032:
         Irregular shape ROUGHLY aproximating a rectangle, but widest point is
at one end, yield less area. =

2.6mm X 3.1mm (at widest points) =3D 8.06 sq.mm IF it were true rectangle=

- =

MODERATE deduct 25% for shape =3D 6.02 sq.mm
Sale price was $255- =3D 42.36 =

Dhofar 026:
        Shape aproximating a right triangle. =

4.5mm X 7.0mm =3D 31.5 minus about 40% =3D 18.9 sq.mm
Sale price =3D 380 =3D $ 20.10 per sq.mm =

Dhofar 025: =

        Rouphly an ovular half =93sphere=94
        =93Base=94 (diameter 1) =3D 8mm =

         Radius 1 =3D 4mm
        =93Height) (radius 2) =3D 6mm
        AVERAGE RADIUS =3D 5mm
        Area of a circle =3D Pi X r squared
        Area of hemi-circle =3D Pi X r squared / 2
        Pi times 5 squared =3D 3.1416 X 25 / 2
                                                        =3D 78.54 / 2
        Area =3D 39.27 sq.mm
        Sale Price =3D 355- =3D $ 9.04 per sq. mm
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