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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:42:05 2004
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Hi, Certainly there are a lot of folks upon this list who, obviously, have
studied meteorites more than I have, but that's never stopped me before.
 Some theories concerning the generation of the moon, (the impact with a
huge rock), would also point to the possibility of Earth rocks, being
blasted into space. But since then, with the smaller impacts, I have
wondered if calculations could tell the whole story. I'm thinking about the
big crater in Arizona. In that event, there was calculated to be enough
energy produced to melt the every last bit of that meteorite. But through
"irregularities" some survived. I put more "stock" into evidence that
calculations, but then again, there hasn't been any Earth meteorites found.
Perhaps they haven't been found, only because everyone's not looking for
them, or they don't have the fusion crust, because of chemical reasons. I
wonder if anyone has tried to create fusion crusts on your average Earth
rock. I remember Norton conveying that some meteorites don't have the
classic black fusion crust. In any case, it seems that the antartic search
team keeps an "eye open" for sedimentary rocks, as they consider the
possibility of some Mars rocks being sedimentary in origin.
 I'm also wondering if anyone has any ideas about what kind of Earth rocks
were around when the Moon was thought to be created, was it too early for
any sedimentary types of rocks?
 On a similar topic, it's been said that small tektites have been found all
over the Earth, in rocks of the same age. Are these tektites dust sized,
and could drift across the planet on currents of air? Otherwise, I'm
guessing, would have to been scattered by traveling outside the
atmosphere.(or from the moon, if you'd like) If there was some information,
along these lines, on a web-site, I'd be interested.
 "The sky is falling"

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