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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:42:05 2004
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I have a friend who is a jeweler and artisan. He saw how relatively
inexpensive the material is and asked me whether it can be tumbled in a rock
tumbler and polished.

I showed him pics of a Sahara 00173 Meteorite Slice I have in transit to me
and noticed its grainy look to it.

He also noticed that some of this material is referred to as uglies as though
they were less than desirable for collecting.

I told him my feeling is that to survive the heat and violence of passing
thru the atmosphere, even the stony meteorites would be incredibly hard,
probably take months to tumble.

He sells his creations world wide, and loves working in unusual materials. He
is looking for a source of "Uglies" to purchase for experimenting.

Being that he recognizes that this material is very precious, he would like
to make it stuff that is real, but not going to change sciences view on the

He is also willing to return some back if it polishes nice, and will
seriously discount his custom work. He wishes to stay nameless to avoid
attention for now. (Hey I said his work is good.)

He also hopes this use will not offend anyone, scientist or collector.

Thanks in advance...Mark Miconi
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