[meteorite-list] UNCUT NWAs (was, "Unclassified NWAs")

From: dean bessey <deanbessey_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:42:03 2004
Message-ID: <LAW2-F110Ci90gP8yJr00001904_at_hotmail.com>

>Seems to me if meteorite collecting was banned world wide, then there
> >would be no dealers. The only hunters would be official government
> >hunters, and thus there would be no profit motive and thus there >would
>be no fraud. Sounds like an easy solution to me.
When you think aloud you better be careful what you think. You dont want to
give people ideas. After all, there might be some government official or
meteorite scientist from Canada or Australia who dont care to much about
tons of meteorites rusting away unstudied and unloved in the desert or
covered in 8 feet of snow and who are monitering our list.
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