[meteorite-list] Subject: Fireball event at Thunder Bay( Lake Superior/Wisconsin)

From: E.L.Jones <jonee_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:42:03 2004
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Forwarded from Meteor Observors. (Note that when one is reporting a
fireball the actual date is preferable to the word "yesterday")

From: "Ed Majden" <epmajden_at_home.com>
Subject: (meteorobs) Fw: [MIAC-L] Fireball event at Thunder Bay

    Was this fireball observed by any list members? If you did observe
and you can provide the azmith, elevation of the fireball and your
send this info to me and I will forward it to Dr. Kissin. Azmith
directions should be corrected to true north. Elevation measurements
be made with a clinometer or a protractor. When reporting the time of
observation indicate your time zone.

Thanks: Ed Majden

Subject: [MIAC-L] Fireball event at Thunder Bay

> A report came on various radio stations this morning that a
> fireball had passed over Thunder Bay. I have interviewed only one
> so far, but his report was fairly informative. He was delivering
> newspapers in a rural area west of Thunder Bay, when at 5:47 A.M., he
> his wife observed a bright fireball that illuminated the ground to
> daylight condition. The fireball appeared to fall at a steep angle
and to
> be traveling in a roughly ESE direction, i.e. toward Lake Superior.
> sound was heard and the fireball was still illuminated when it
> disappeared over the horizon. The fireball had a tail and was seen to
> breaking up in fragments.
> It seems at this point that the fireball was still at a high
> altitude and its course would likely deposit anything in Lake
> the south shore in Wisconsin or Michigan at best. I will follow this
> today with more witnesses interviews.
> Steve Kissin
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