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From: ari machiz <a_machiz_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:42:02 2004
Message-ID: <20010121213242.4007.qmail_at_web4006.mail.yahoo.com>


Thanks for the reply. You are right, of course, about
ones ability to reproduce a certificate of
authenticity. the signature as well I suppose. What
about a photo though.

If you (in general) can't provide a photo of a spec,
then I in specific might not buy it from you (in

I make this point as much for the meteorite collecting
community as a whole. I want to contribute to the list
and any association that might pop up, and my
contributions would simply lean towards that which is
important to me. I see the "For real seal" as a good
idea that is easily right clicked. Even more easily
copied than a certificate.

Look at the specs available on eBay. Some appear to
have been photographed through a microscope. Maybe
not, but the specs sure are small. I mean sma-all!
There is your picture. Now if I want to sell it, all I
have to do is show the buyer the same view, but if I
can do that, he doesn't have to trust me. As much.

The certificate may not be the answer. That is why I
am probing the list. What is wrong with the photo idea
if I am willing to pay a premium? That is, How might
it not serve the intended purpose?



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