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From: Michael Blood <mlblood_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:42:02 2004
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ari machiz wrote:
.......> This is not some kind of soap box I'm on. I will offer
> a slight premium, should I want a spec, for a photo of
> the specimen with a signature from the seller. In this
> way, I can show the person who wants to buy the spec
> from me, that it is the same spec that I bought,
> thereby allowing the buyer to trust the person who
> sold me the spec rather than having to trust me.
> I am interested to know what anyone out there thinks
> of this idea. Not an answer like, "That is your
> perogative." for I already know that.
> __________________________________________________
Hi Ari,
        The reason I do not routeenly offer "Certificates of Authenticity" is
that any 12 year old with a computer can
make an exact (or altered) duplicate. However, I am happy
to provide one for those who ask for it - and it is exactly
your rationalle that I believes motivates people to want one-
that being that it is a "back up" to "I know it is" to "This
reputable dealr guarantees it is." Which is fine - except if
ANYONE were going to defraud, the documentation would
be the EASIEST part of the process - which, as I said, is why
I do not "offer" them, but am happy to comply with any
requests for them.
        I bend over backwards to assure fair and honest interactions
with ALL customers - I would much rather GIVE a specimen away
than have a buyer feel "ripped off" - and I believe the vast
majority of meteorite dealers are the same way.
        Any dealer who purposely rips off customers or institutions deserves
total shunning by the community. (On very rare occasions an error can
occure - that is only human - I mean purposeful deception or fraud).
        If one likes "Certificates of Authenticity" I see nothing wrong
with them at all - it is just that most of them I have seen were for
givaway zircons or 1 inch of land in Alaska and that sort of thing.
But hay, if people like them, they are no problem to print out of
one's computer. And, the collector DOES get the signature of a
        Don't worry, I am sure you will hear diffent opinions from
other dealers and collectors and rants about "specks" and "The True
Cross" etc. But your original statement on the topic was
the most important factor: "I trust my sources completely."
        Best wishes, Michael
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