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    Dear Steve and List: We too have bought NWA meteorites....about 250
Kilo's worth! Many are being classified and then will be Marketed. We made
this purchase a LONG time ago...long before many others got theirs...back
then there were plenty of beautiful stones, and we bought them...stones with
nice black crust, flow lines, and PLENTY of character...we paid more back
then...but we got the "cream" of the crop, and we got to select ours nearly
first, so the chances of having something "good" are not bad at all...we will
     We have been "sitting on" the lot since then...but I will tell you one
thing: I get a big thrill out of having them all...holding them...examining
them...and I do know the location...It is called Africa! I can narrow it down
to NWA...I cannot tell you in who's neighborhood they fell, nor can I tell
you what day or year it was...but I can tell you that if you Have the desire
to hold a lovely piece of our Universe in your hands and become excited by
the prospect of having something so spectacular, something that has traveled
from "who knows where" to land upon this Earth, and now it is in your
hands...a complete stone with thick black crust and flow lines, even some
regmaglypting...a stone your kids can hold and TALK ABOUT and show their
friends...and bring to school and be admired...and ALL at a VERY affordable
price...If this is you, then you can NOT catagorically just throw out NWA and
most of it's stones.
    I am going to Tucson. I will be roaming around buying and
selling...meeting my oversea's contacts etc and visiting friends...and if
anyone is looking for me, I will usually be with Al Lang at the Best Western
Hotel...room 130.
     My 250 kilo's worth; Jake
     Jake Delgaudio
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