[meteorite-list] Great deal on some canyon diablos:)

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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:42:01 2004
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That does seem unreasonable for Canyon Diablo!

Can't resist commenting on NWA. I agree that most (if not all) the cheap NWA
is exactly that, but I have to admit, for myself, almost every NWA or SAH
for that matter is unappealing. With VERY few exceptions, especially if the
price is right. Gimme a nice fall or find for that matter, with a real name
and class. Mike, I think you'll agree. But the NWA's are where "it's at" now
I guess. Call me traditional....or maybe blind.

Matt Morgan

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Check this auction out, Canyon Diablos for only about $7 gram, $9500.00
for only about 1.5 kilos of CD.

Someone should tell him not to buy from Ron F.


PS, I guarantee you that is you are buying NWA meteorites for $200 or
$150 a kilo, you are getting the worst scrap crappy fragments you can
imagine. I turn that stuff down now when I am in Morocco, too much,
tooooooooooooooo ugly, toooooooooo old.
BUY CHEAP meteorites and you will get nothing more than cheap meteorites
that will not appreciate in value nor please the eye, only take up

Mike Farmer

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