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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:42:01 2004
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Rhett Bourland wrote:

> One more that everyone seems to be fogetting is the CH group.

Hi Rhett and List,

That's right. They are easily forgotten as they are so very exotic and
there are only a few of them! Presently I only have 6 CH chondrites
in my US Antarctic database, and another three from the Hot Deserts
(all of them Ašfers).

> I'm pretty sure that the H stands for high metal

Correct. PAT 91546, for example, has a considerable amount of
nickel-iron (about 25%). On the other hand, they only display very
small "mini-chondrules", so, perhaps, there is a relationship between
metal content and chondrule size shedding light on formation processes
and whereabouts in the early solar system (cp. Ron's recent post about
chondrules taken from the Sky & Telescope news bulletin).

> Type specimen for that one would be Bencubbin.

Bencubbin has been assigned to a new group(-let):

WEISBERG M.K. et al. (1998) The Bencubbinite (B)
group of the CR clan (Meteoritics 33-4, 1998, A166):

The new bencubbinite (B) group is a quartet of metal-silicate chondritic
meteorites that are members of the CR clan. The quartet consists of
Bencubbin, Weatherford, Hammadah al Hamra 237 and GRO 95551.

Best wishes,

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