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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:42:01 2004
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One more that everyone seems to be fogetting is the CH group. Type specimen
for that one would be Bencubbin. I'm pretty sure that the H stands for high
metal being that some people list them as stony-irons, others as
achondrites, and some as carbonaceous chondrites.

Rhett Bourland

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Greetings Listees! :^) This should be an easy one for all of the members.
Not having any reference books at the present time, was just wondering what
are all of the Type Specimens of the sub groups for the Carbonaceous
Chondrite class of meteorites? Would like to know if they were found or fell
and also location and total number of grams per specimen. I`m sure most of
you could name them off the top of your heads, and please excuse me if this
seems kind of trivial. Thanks and have a great evening everyone! Dave

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