[meteorite-list] Moroccan lies from the French people.

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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:42:01 2004
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To Fred Hall,

 The 200 kilo of sahara chondrites that we sold to a Moroccan
minerals/fossils dealer are all L6. In fact we have found more than 400
kilo of meteorite in the same small area, all a typicaly nicely brecciated
and one was classified L6 with ringwoodite and it's these meteorites we
have sold in Morocco. We probably publishing the locations of the find at
the end of this year. We need to pay our differents trip and need to sold
the common meteorites to preserve in our collection the rare meteorites
type. Today no one laboratory is interested to classified hundred of
meteorites, this is the reality... If you have an adress we have about 800
unclassifed stones in our stock !


  A 02:04 PM 1/17/01 EST, Meteorhall_at_aol.com a =E9crit :
>To the Labenne family: Perhaps your family could provide information on
>200 kilo of Sahara chondrites that you sold to Moroccan mineral/fossil=20
>dealers? Will we now have "ordinary" chondrites sold as both SAHxxx and as=
>NWAxxx and recognized and classified as both? How about publishing the=20
>locations of the finds (now that they are of little value to you). What I=
>would really like to know is this, how could anyone that has been given so=
>much from the scientific and meteorite collecting community do something
>With Regards, Fred Hall
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