[meteorite-list] Moroccan lies form the French people.

From: Frank Cressy <fcressy_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:42:01 2004
Message-ID: <000f01c080b1$dde764f0$a438ff3f_at_g10fb>

To All,

>From your earlier post to the list (added below in part) it seems that you
just said that you sold and/or traded 200 kilos of meteorites with known
Sahara locations to Moroccan dealers to be sold again as possible NWA
meteorites. This may be good business but doesn't seem to be at all
responsible from a scientific point of view. I hope that you have, at the
very least, retained representative samples of these "ordinary" chondrites
for classification as well as their location and distribution data, TKW,
and other pertinent data and that such data will be given in the future to
the Meteoritical Bulletin. If you have already done this, please forgive my
questioning but your post was a bit unclear to me.
Frank Cressy

Big surprise, yes many meteorites, but many badly weathered
> ordinary chondrites with a price higher than our wholesale price this is
> why we have decided to return and sold/trade about 200 kilo of the
> chgondrite we have collected ourself to obtain Minerals and fossils for
> new business. May be these meteorites will be mixed with other common
> and transformed in find from Marocco with exotic co-ordinates !
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