[meteorite-list] Moroccan lies form the French people.

From: Mike Farmer <farmerm_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:42:01 2004
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I am not attacking you at all, merely stating that I belive you have bought
many meteorites in Morocco. EVERY person there says you have bought meteorites
from them. I do not care in the least, but when people try to make my own
meteorites acquired there seem less than desirable I will fight back. I am not
trying to harm you, just protect myself, I have recieved threats this week from
France, from whom I do not know, but it is not nice. I know that you Marc, Luc
and Jim would never do that, I like you all, so please do not see this as an
attack, it is just including you name in a long list of buyers that I am told
by so many people. Why would they lie? What do they gain by it?
Lets talk and figure this all out, and keep things safe and open for all.


> Hey Mike,
> Why you attack our family ! We have never harmed you ! We respect you and
> all your work around the meteorite business until now. If a person can
> convinct you that bought meteorite in Marocco, he is a liar and probably
> have some interest in this "story". People in Marocco are nice people but
> they tell you all you desire to hear, even if it is false !Curiously many
> people say that they know the place where we have found all our meteorites
> and so many have seen us in so many places in the Sahara....
> Many meteorites collected by nomads are being sold by mineral dealers in
> Morocco. These meteorites are all sold as Moroccan finds but as you know
> almost all are collected in Algeria or Western Sahara. For our new business
> in Mineral/Fossils, we have gone to Marocco in March and October 2000 for
> three days each time and have bought minerals and fossils. Yes, in the same
> time, maroccan dealer have shown us some new meteorites find collected by
> nomads. Big surprise, yes many meteorites, but many badly weathered
> ordinary chondrites with a price higher than our wholesale price this is
> why we have decided to return and sold/trade about 200 kilo of the ordinary
> chgondrite we have collected ourself to obtain Minerals and fossils for our
> new business. May be these meteorites will be mixed with other common stuff
> and transformed in find from Marocco with exotic co-ordinates ! The only
> meteorite we have bought in Marocco is an interesting iron we directly sold
> to one of our customer (present in this mailing list) with a true story (no
> location, bought to a nomad in the Sahara desert).
> We have found all the SAHxxx meteorites, I have a web page with some
> interesting photo of us with selected meteorites just when found inclued
> our three best find. We have refused to publish these photos until now,
> only our eyes are hidden but for you and some of the mailing who know our
> faces it's easy to recognised us
> http://www.labenne-meteorites.com/photos.htm". Note in the past we had sold
> some of our ordinary chondrite with the photo (we have few available on
> request).
> The problem is that a dealer sold, with false locations, the meteorites he
> has bought in Marocco. False location because nobody know where the nomad
> found these meteorites, they have not a GPS ! This is only to obtain a name
> from the Met Soc and sold easier that with the name NWAXXX.
> If now so many collectors possess a piece of Mars or Moon, if the
> scientists had so many new interesting for science it's because some
> honnest person spent lot of time in the desert to collect meteorites,
> sometimes in very dangerous places. If a french dealer prefer to bought
> meteorites to maroccan dealer we respect this choice if these stone are
> finally declared NWAXXX. Our choice is to collect ourself to have the
> pleasure of the find and we refuse the comparaison and the confusion with
> this person.
> Meteoriticaly Yours,
> Marc, Luc & Jim Labenne.
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