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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:42:00 2004
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Stuart wrote:

> Does anyone know how NWA 032 compares to the Apollo basalts?
> Has anyone guessed where it might come from on the Moon?

Hello Stuart and List,

FAGAN T.J. et al. (2000) Northwest Africa 032: A new lunar mare basalt
(MAPS 35-5, 2000, Suppl., A051):

Mineralogy, textures, O-isotopic composition, and whole-rock and mineral
major-element composition attest to a lunar origin for Northwest Africa
032 (NWA 032), an unbrecciated basaltic meteorite found in October 1999
[Grossman J.G. (2000), Met.Bull. 84]. Northwest Africa 032 is similar to
Apollo 12 and 15 olivine basalts; however, low whole-rock MgO combined
with high olivine phenocryst abundance suggests that NWA 032 represents
a previously unsampled mare basalt ...
Northwest Africa 032 is similar in major-element composition to mare
basalts collected during Apollo 15, but has a higher concentration of
olivine phenocrysts (12 vs. 0.1-8.6 vol%).

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