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From: ari machiz <a_machiz_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:42:00 2004
Message-ID: <20010115045218.2898.qmail_at_web4005.mail.yahoo.com>

Hello Michael Blood, Robert Verish, and all other list

I read a recent post by Michael Blood regarding the
need for a FAQ page and saw an opportunity to offer my
services. I am therefore putting together a FAQ page
for the list. Of course it is really just an HTML page
with blank spaces. The same number of blank spaces as
the number of questions you fine list members care to
contribute, restricted only in that they must garner
the description, "frequently asked." In other words,
you have to give me the questions; I will create the
web page.

You may have guessed that I will not be able to answer
the questions on my own, so you will have to provide
the answers as well.

"What good am I"? you might ask. I know everything
from A to XY, but meteorite questions are all Z
questions. I am in charge of the HTML.

I am not ready to accept submissions at this time,
however I know I can count on you to amass those
questions now that you have answered in the past so as
never to have to answer them again.

Now that I have gotten all that out of my system, I am
trying to configure my mail client to accept your
submissions OFF LIST per a friends suggestion. I am
also writing the web page. This should be a very short

I am therefore counting on you fine folks to take a
proactive approach and collect questions. Very soon, I
shall return from my chamber and ask you for your just
contribution to be submitted OFF LIST.

Later I will request answers, less whinded than this

This is just a heads up.
BTW Blood, I trust you will be one of the first to
respond. (Just kidding).


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