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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:42:00 2004
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Hello All List Members,

Mike Jensen, Bill Jensen and I are very proud to announce the result of our
                A Brand New Book About Meteorites.

The best way to describe it is probably to quote the Foreword:
    "It started as an idle conversation while soaking up the sun of Tucson in
early February 2000. We had gone through most of the Show and seen hundreds
of meteorites, some well known and some nearly unknown, and we were wishing
aloud for some form of reference material to help our flagging memories. Our
copies of the Catalogue of Meteorites were way too valuable and heavy to take
on the road. Since I also collect minerals I had a copy of the Glossary of
Mineral Species and wished I could find something as easy to carry around and
thumb through on the fly."
    "Then Mike mentioned that he had about 1000 meteorites in a database in
his computer at home."
    "The rest, as they say, is history....... "

And the result is the book we are presenting to you today.

 - Title: Meteorites from A to Z
 - Introduction to meteorites written by Dr. Alain Carion.
 - All 3317 named meteorites (as of Dec. 31, 2000), except unumered
Antarctica, in a Dictionary format, with classification, date of find or fall
and location, TKW.
 - Tables of all classified, numbered meteorites from the Sahara and Oman
 - 3 indexes: chronological, geographical, and by classification.
 - 250 pages, half-page format, wire-bound with a great cover.

See our sites for a few sample pages.
All this for the super affordable price of $19.95 (plus shipping).

If you want your copy before we leave Denver for the Tucson Show, order now!!
 or come see us there.
The book is at the printer right now, we will take delivery in just a few
days and we will ship immediately.

Wholesale prices and volume discounts are available, please contact either
one of us off-line.

Thank you.

Anne Black

Mike and Bill Jensen
Received on Sat 13 Jan 2001 10:37:24 PM PST

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