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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:41:59 2004
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Hi Al,
Thanks for the feedback. You're right about people being disappointed when
the truth about a meteorite(wrong) is discovered. Back in 1994-1995, myself
along with fellow meteorite hunter / enthusist Rob Reisener tried something
kind of unique. When going through the Catalogue of Meteorites, I noticed
that no meteorites had ever been recovered from the states of Vermont, New
Hampshire, and Delaware. We undertook the task of writing to every small town
newspaper in those three states and making note that history would be made if
a genuine meteorite could be recovered. Al, the response was unbelievable!
Lots of newspapers published the stories throughout the states. Dozens and
dozens of samples came to us, to a special designated post office box here in
Highland Park. No genuine meteorite was found among the samples.

While it was alot of fun, and extremely interesting, the project had a down
side. Many people who sent the samples were "absolutely sure" they had a
meteorite, some saved heir specimen for years. Then I had to be the bearer of
bad news.

I learned alot from the project. The letters, correspondance and clippings
will eventually be donated to the Center for Meteorite Studies at Arizona
State University if they're interested. My friend Rob Reisener has alot of
the same material as well. He's currently at University of Mass, Amherst with
major in geology. The guy's a wizard using the electron probe. But I

Again, thanks for the feedback. I am certainly going to try and get back to
Michigan and try and see this thing first hand.

I've been on several meteorite hunting trips:
1) Homestead Iowa...no luck
2)Trenton Wisc. (One of the other persons I was with found a 543g individual.)
3) Plymouth Indiana: Again.... did lots of research. Found the farm and the
site. Could not locate the main mass.

Best to you Al.

Steven L. Sachs http://www.geocities.com/gangwise/meteorite.html
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