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From: almitt <almitt_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:41:59 2004
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Hi Steven,

I took and interest in this since I hunt meteorites around Michigan at times. I went
to the web page and took a look at the image but it is low quality and small in size
so I can't really see any detail and it would be hard to say one way or the other.
However, having talked to thousands of people in our area and having a bit of
experience, I would say that it is typical of the glacier material dropped off in that
area (as well as mine). Sometimes people see a bright meteors fall and hunt for it the
next day, week or month and find something that they didn't really pay much attention
to until they go on their treks.

Because it has been in the family for so many years the tale is passed down and makes
for an interesting story. Its not that anyone is fabricating a hoax but rather that
what they saw and what they found are two different things. I have ran across this
several dozen times. Sometimes people get quite defensive when you tell them that
grandpa's or grandma's stone is not a meteorite (careful choice of words must be
used). Sometimes what is worst, they have taken it to the university or local college
and some helpful but ignorant person as far as meteorites go declares it a genuine
meteorite and certifies it. I have often asked as to why their specimen isn't located
in the archives if this has been genuinely research and show them information I have
on specimens.

I would suggest that further investigation of this piece is warranted. Setting outside
to decay is sure a strange thing to do to your meteorite. Wonder if anyone has ever
tried to remove it from its resting place? :-) Hope this helps you and answered some
of your questions.

--AL (who probably has the record on meteorwrongs)
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