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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:41:59 2004
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Hi list,
Hope all is well with everyone. Here is a mystery that has baffled me for
some time. An author claims that a cemetary headstone for her grandmother is
from a meteorite.

To begin with....Some years ago I bought a children's story book by author
Patricia Polacco, entitled METEOR! It's about an alleged meteor which fell
on her grandmother's farm near Union City Michigan many years ago and the
town reception celebrating it's arival. Cute story. I personally was born and
raised in Kalamazoo Michigan, some 40 miles away. In the book the author
describes how the meteorite which fell had been studied by scientists from
University of Michigan, Michigan State University, and Battle Creek College.
But looking further into this, I could not find any listing in any calalog
about this meteorite or event. The children's story ends with the meteorite
being used as a tombstone marker for the author's grandmother. All of the
landmarks and towns the author uses, is familiar to me being a former

What makes this even more interesting is when I looked up the author's name
on the internet and she now lives at her grandmother's home and has called it
METEOR RIDGE FARM. With the following address, anyone on the internet can
look at this headstone: http://www.patriciapolacco.com/htour.html There
you'll see the author kneeling next to the headstone. Looks a bit like a
pallasite from a distance.

Does anyone on this list know more about this??? I still have relatives near
Kalamazoo, but only go once a year for a day, and have not had a chance to go
to the actual cemetary (it does exist) and look at the tombstone first hand.

Would appreciate imput from any list member who knows more about this mystery.

Thanks all

Steven L. Sachs
Received on Sat 13 Jan 2001 03:37:32 PM PST

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