[meteorite-list] New Material Including Murchison for Sale

From: Walter Branch <waltbranch_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:41:58 2004
Message-ID: <004b01c07b7e$20102a80$4e4ebfa8_at_computer>

Hello Everyone,

I hope everyone is having a pleasent evening/night/day. It snowed in
Savannah yesteday, which is most peculiar! I could have been comfortable in
shorts today!

Well, after an extended hiatus, I finally have some meteorite
material for sale. I have changed ISPs from AOL to Earthlink and I am very
pleased with the service. My site also has now has it's own domain -
branchmeteorites.com and my website specific email address is

For those who keep track of such things, my general purpose email address is

Now, on the the material.

I have many very nice slices of Murchison(CM2) for sale, including two
superlative fully crusted endpieces. Murchison combines my favorite
qualities in a meteorite: scientific and historical significance! Most the
the slices also have crust, to a variable degree. The price, regardless of
size is only $80.00/gram. Murchison goes much of the time for $100.00 for
nondescript fragments. The slices I offer are thin with great surface area.
If you go to the page, it takes a while to download, but it is worth the
wait. At least take a look at the two oustanding endpieces!

Subscribers to my mailing list got first dibs yesterday but I still have
plenty left.

I also have slices, whole individuals or endpieces of Allende,
Millbillillie, Gao individals, El Hammami slices, a couple of slices of
Ensisheim, and some slices of Zag showing it's wonderful brecciation.

Let me know what you like and I will reserve specimens for you.

Have a nice evening/night/day!


Walter Branch, Ph.D.
Branch Meteorites
322 Stephenson Ave., Suite B
Savannah, GA 31405 USA
Received on Wed 10 Jan 2001 10:25:16 PM PST

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