[meteorite-list] Who is Donald O'Keeffe?

From: Don Young <dcyoung1_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:41:58 2004
Message-ID: <3A5CF57A.D3876F8A_at_swbell.net>

Well..He is everything he says he is-- and a brave man too.
I met Don yesterday (Monday) in the Decatur, Texas Wal Mart parking lot.
(He was passing throught Texas on his way from Illinois back to Tscson
for the show and then to Gold Basin.) He is a very nice and interesting
We headed out to Forestburg to scouer the hills there to see if
we could find just one more stray piece of that Forestburg meteorite..
About 60 have been found in the past.(1958).. Guess we were just a few
decades late. Not even one meteorite. ;((
We found bits of wire, metal plates, old nails and some other iron junk.
Don found several 22 caliber bullet slugs and some brass casing with his
GM4. I didn't find any of this type of stuff as I used my magnetometer
and it doesn't detect lead, gold or even brass that is low in iron
We left two targets without finding what was in the holes. Had a good
signal with the magnetometer but nothing at all with either of our
detectors (GM4 and GoldBug) so we let them go after diggin to about 1
Yes we did filled all our holes and what we packed in we packed out as
well as the useless junk we found. From there it was on to explore
a ghost town called Uz, met it's demise in 1903. Here we just explored
the area (no detectors) and tried to imagine what it must have been like
when it was inhabited. We had a great time and finished the day by
polishing off a great chicken fried steak at O'Harley's in Decatur
If you are in Decatur Texas O'Harley's is well worth the stop.
Great food and very reasonable. (Unless you are very, very hungry
DON'T order the double. WOW!)
So for those of you going to Tucson or to Gold Basin and you see
a beige, trimmed in red GMC camper with a platform on the back for his
motor bike, it's probably Donald O'Keeffe. Watch out Robert Haag, Don
might be the next meteorite man, :-) :-)
Don, from one Don to another, You're welcome back again anytime.
We all enjoyed meeting and visiting with you.
Judi, Cille, Charlie and Don
Don Young (Faux-Oro) aka (Fools-Gold)
Have Cesium MagnetometerS
Will travel if you have a Site we can work together.
Have my own US METEORITE HUNTERS index by GPS Lat and Lon
and detailed maps for EACH meteorite..
Dallas, Texas
My Hobbies: Gold prospecting, Metal detecting and Meteorites
hobby pics:
Meteorites found at Odessa Tx. With mag. Lg 1 at 16"+, sm at 6"+
1856 army pistol ball and cap cylinder
Home made dredge:
(SUCKING UP--a target) Detector and suction hose 
A little gold in the pan
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