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On Fri, 05 January 2001, "Southwest Meteorite Lab" wrote:

> I am a Fisher dealer (as well as White's) and use many of the products. The
> CZ6 is great for some things like coins and gold and irons. Our meteorite
> experience occurred when a good friend just had to have the CZ6. Our
> philosophy is give operators what they want. If they do not believe in it,
> it becomes a closet model. So he took delivery at Gold Basin. It was sooo
> bad...
> So bad that Marvin said if he walk around randomly digging holes he would
> just as good a chance of finding a one. It just discriminates them out. Sad
> but true because for less money a Gold Bug II will find just about anything.


Coin detectors with super bells and discrimination features are not the ones you want. Fisher's Gold Bug is a prospecting detector. With it you can turn the discrimination off and that is one major feature of prospecting detectors. That is what I use in my searching, and if I get another detector, I will make sure that it is a prospecting machine.

Gold Bug, Goldmaster, Garret Gold Stinger, Wilson Northstar, and VLF710 (my choice, and simple to use) are all prospecting machines.

Units like these are what you are looking for. The amount of money you spend is not the factor-- its how they work in the field that counts.

They must be stable
(You don't want to have to be adjusting them every ten steps)

They must have a good broadband ground balance
(Gold Bug One has one of the best that I have seen in this regard)

They must be light in weight and easy to tune
(Gold Bug One is great in this respect, and the Wilson Northstar is better to tune, but heavier and somewhat awkward in comparison to the Gold Bug)

Also, try to get a machine that has both "automatic" and "manual" ground balance. The Gold Bugs have these features. There are advantages to each function. Experience in the field will reveal the benefits of both. Experienced metal detector users will often have two or more units that they take into the field. This is because you never know what types of soil will be encountered.

Everyone has their own preference, but if you ask those that have had success in finding meteorites with metal detectors you will find that the common denominator is that they are all using proven "prospecting machines."

Look for "prospecting" in the claims made by manufacturers of metal detectors.

And even then, some are better than others.

Steve Schoner, AMS

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> Hi, List!
> Can anyone comment on the suitability (or lack of it) of the Fisher
> M-Scope Model CZ-6 for hunting meteorites specifically? This particular
> one has a nine-inch coil. As the ground is frozen solid, I can't test it
> by
> burying a Sikhote-Alin in my front yard! Although it does a fine job of
> finding all the nails in my kitchen floor, this is not a very
> sophisticated
> test. It also picks up a 100-gram H5 at about 18 inches away (no dirt,
> just air space). It seems to like the gromets in my tennis shoes, too.
> More unsophisticated tests, and I don't know any sophisticated tests.
> Anybody familiar with this model? Is it worthwhile buying this used
> one (which is what I am contemplating here)?
> Thanks.
> Sterling K. Webb
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