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From: Michael Blood <mlblood_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:41:53 2004
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Along similar lines -
        As well as the Big Birthday Bash on Thursday evening, Feb. 1, the
Tucson 2001 Auction will be held on Saturday evening, Feb. 3.
        Photos have begun to trickle in and you can get a small glympse at what
a few of the things that will be offered. People selling have written me
of MANY, MANY more meteorites that will be included - they just have not
sent me JPEGs of their specimens yet (many never will have JPEGs - they
will just have the specimens there the night of the auction). Some
dealers are submitting over 2 dozen meteorite specimens each. Also,
beginning this year, I will accept a small percentage of non-meteoritic
items - specifically fossils and artifacts - they must be with no
minimum bid and/or exceptional. The auction will remain at least
90% meteoritic.
        Bill & Janie Peck will be there with there TERRIFIC maps of US
meteorite falls and finds - both laminated and not (non-laminated is
needed for field use).
        Roman Jirasek (Of growing fame for his classy aluminum meteorite labels
& Robert Szep (who put out the "Millenium Meteorite Calendar) are
submitting numerous slices of FABULOUSLY BEAUTIFUL Sudbury Impact Melt
Glass and so many beautiful varieties of impactite they take your breath
away! ALL at NO MINIMUM bid! Be sure to click on some of these photos -
they are truly amazing - I have never seen impactite (or melt glass, for
that matter) nearly as beautiful as this material. (People wanting a
fascinating article on the Sudbury impact glass and fabulously beautiful
variations of impactite can write me for a free article on same - to be
sent by return email - off line, please).
        Please note the ABUNDANCE of items with NO MINIMUM bid! (...and these
are just the photos that have come in so far)


         See y'all there - Michael PS: This year, I am also taking ABSENTEE
BIDS for the first time. The bidder must be a list member of have done
business with me in the past and have a credit card.
        Such submitted bids will be treated as eBay bids are - increasing only
as needed based on "action" at the auction. They will get the item at
the lowest
price the live bidding allows.
        Contact me off line if you cannot make the auction and would care to
submit (a) bid(s).

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