[meteorite-list] Ways to tell who has the VIRUS

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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:41:53 2004
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absolutely amazing
didn't know stuff like that lurks within the box
thanks for sharing the information

happy new millennium


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> Hi Everyone,
> My first post in awhile..
> I assure you I have questions about meteorites for you
> experienced folks out there and will be posting those soon.
> BUT FOR NOW maybe this will help us track this stinking virus.
> The last copy I received was 24 Dec and it was in FRENCH!!!
> From the POST BY Rhett Bourland the following two statements
> say alot.
> > Hybris also infects WSOCK32.DLL, renaming it and redirecting
> > Windows.INI to point to the new, infected file.
> System File Checker will check your system for changed windows files.
> If you do a SFC command (Start, Run and key in sfc) If you are infected
> you will most likely get a message that WININIT has been modified.
> You will then be given the option to relace it from your Windows Disk
> or from your Cab Files.
> > Thereafter, Hybris will send itself via reply mail to whomever
> > sends new e-mails to an infected computer.
> The KEY HERE is that if you SEND an infected CPU an E-Mail it
> automatically sends you a reply from Hahaha. So IF you have
> the virus and I E-Mail you, even if you do not reply to my
> message, your PC will send ME a copy from Hahaha. (I am pretty
> sure it does does this at the time you OPEN the received E-Mail.)
> This being said how do you tell who it came from?
> For E-Mail under Netscape Communicator, click on the E-MAIL from
> Hahaha >>> BUT DO NOT NOT NOT open the attachment.
> click on VIEW, select PAGE SOURCE.
> You will get a whole screen full of stuff.
> You are looking for the last Received: from xxxxxxxxx
> statement where the xxxxxxxx is the name of the persons computer
> or user ID followed by the IP address in the form of nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn
> such as <<-- (My current IP address for SWBELL).
> This can be plugged at the following web page to find the
> domain (SWBELL.Net, AOL.COM, ATT_at_HOME, etc)that it belongs to.
> http://www.osilab.ch/services/dns_e.htm
> To see your computer name go to
> Select IDENTIFICATION, this name or your ID is placed in xxxxxxxxx
> when you send an E-Mail. You could have the person that you suspect
> the virus came from check this...
> Don
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