[meteorite-list] Happy New Year

From: colin wade <ceweed_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:41:53 2004
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a new years tale

afternoon visited the qatar national museum
on display two biggish lumps one labelled KHASFA OMAN , t'other ESNA , &
would you believe it ,,, some fragments ( greyish & 10-20g) labelled
Have I seen some of the martian meteorite ?
The display is stark & sparse & if it is the aforementionned , they show no
signs of knowing it .

on to the new year

celebrated the Mauri , 3pm local time , beer suitably warmed & close to
expiry date,
on to Australia ,Australia,& Tokyo (they have a lot of new year there!
Shortly after Tokyo we celebrated a satellite ,a meteor with yellow & red
sparkly tail ( extinguished under the moon ) & then the brave chaps on the
ISS jumped over the moon
I'd gone direction dyslexic & was watchin south instead of north , luckily
my fellow observer who i regularly lambast over his total lack ot sense of
direction , was watching the right way.
camera still in its cover in the porch ... dratttttt!!!

by the time we celebrated Thailand we were lamenting the greed of the
monopoly supplier of milk of amnesia ,, he,s fresh out of Lexi & gold &
increasing the prices by 25%

As we celebrated here ( qatar ) the jocks had fallen out & were getting
ready to swing handbags .... hostess was in tears .

somewhere between cairo & belgrade the power of speach was becoming
difficult .

amazing recovery for the Uk & champers flowed

finally expired somewhere near iceland , with just enough grey cells to
commandeer a neurophen before collapse on the bed

praise the Lord for letting this happen only once a year , & please let him
direct me to where I abandonned my willpower.
Beautiful morning ,dust has settled out of the atmosphere & I can see detail
on the East coast of saudi accross the water .

happy New Year All
may all your fields be strewn , & the meteorites from mars not land on your

ps anyone fancy donating some decent descriptive labels for the qatar
museums space rocks ?

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