[meteorite-list] Gold Basin meteorites

From: Mike Farmer <farmerm_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:37:38 2004
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There are at least 5 new meteorites from Gold Basin, a new Mesosiderite
names White Hills found by Jim Kreigh, an L6 found by Trwink Monrad named
Golden Rule, very nice, fresh and BLACK, unlike gold Basin. There is another
ne wone found (awaing classification) and I ahve acquired a new one, that
looks very similar to Gold Basin on the outside, but on the interior looks
like an H chondrite. I am getting this one classified now.
There are many meteorites out there waiting to be found.
Mike Farmer
PS I would be happy to look at any of them to see what you might have.

Bernd Pauli HD wrote:

> David wrote:
> > I'm sure someone can help this fellow out.
> Gary inquired:
> I have a large number of Gold Basin L4 (presumed) pieces. Rumor has it
> that a number of possible L6 types have recently been found. Do you have
> any information on what the external differences would be?
> Hello All,
> In my opinion, there wouldn't be any e x t e r n a l differences
> unless it is a fairly fresh fall/find (dark fusion crust, etc.). The
> internal structrure, however, especially when viewed in thin section
> would easily be recognizable. There would hardly be any chondrules
> in an L6, but a lot of recrystallized matrix material.
> And, by the way, not every meteorite found in the Gold Basin area is
> necessarily an L4 GB meteorite. There are other types lurking out there!
> Best wishes for a
> Happy New Year,
> Bernd
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