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In a message dated 12/21/00 8:26:17 PM US Mountain Standard Time, CalSouth1

<< I suspect that the location of the fireball would have been over 50 but
 than 200 kilometers from the point of sighting given the description of how
 down John said it traveled. >>

WoW.....Do you think it was that close? I have to agree about one thing. It
was a once in a lifetime experience.
I was going to the lake today to watch the show tonight at 12:30am and went
by to see how my Durango is coming along and they said it should be ready
tomorrow. So, I canceled the trip. Instead, I'll go outside here around
midnight and take a gander up in the sky. No clouds so the visibility is
excellent. You know, it was just six miles away that Pluto was discovered.
I'll let you know what I see. d0n

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