[meteorite-list] Re: My First Hunt + Gold Basin Data

From: Robert Verish <bolidechaser_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:37:36 2004
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Hello Geoff,

I met Donald O'Keeffe on my last trip out to Gold
Basin and I must say, he appeared to be very
conscientious with his field data gathering. I was
impressed that he had already turned in his
coordinates and weights to Jim Kreigh and submitted
samples to researchers at ASU in Tempe. Since then,
I've talked to him on the phone (he's at his
daughter's place in IL for the holidays) and it
appears that he paid a vist to these same researchers
on his return home trip to drop off some more
interesting specimens. So, I'm even more impressed
with his efforts.

I just wanted to make sure, for the record, that there
were no misunderstandings about Donald's involvement
with Dr. Kring's study area at Gold Basin. In fact, I
met other hunters at Gold Basin, people like "Chance"
Woods, and when I started to suggest that they should
take coordinates and submit them to Jim Kriegh, they
stopped me short and told me that is exactly what they
are doing. In addition, they are recruiting other
more recent hunters, like Tom Morris, to do this as
well. I felt like I was preaching to the choir.

It appears that the non-local hunters have found out
about Jim Kriegh and Dr. Kring from the article in
"Meteorite!" and from my Bolide*chaser web page.

I better update my web site for Jim's new e-address:

Word has it that the "local gold hunters are hitting
Gold Basin real HARD". They don't have the benefit of
this List or the GB web sites, so this may be the
reason for Twink Monrad's remark in your post.

I wanted to ask you about your quote by Dr. Kring:

"..it is very important that we preserve the site
until we have enough information for the necessary

How long ago did he make that statement? Two years

"preserve the site" - how does he intend to do that?

"Preserve" for who? Is there a 50-man Meteorite
Recovery team that I don't know about?

You were there when he said it. How do you interpret
that statement?

Puzzled in Pasadena,
Bob V.


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From: geoking_at_notkin.net
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2000 20:20:49 -0500
To: meteorite-list_at_meteoritecentral.com
Subject: [meteorite-list] Re: My First Hunt + Gold
Basin Data

Dear Don and List:

Don, congrats on your finds at Gold Basin.


I interviewed Dr. Kring on this very subject for one
of my two articles on Gold Basin for "Meteorite!"
magazine and he had this to say:

++SNIP!!++ Since the Gold Basin strewn field may
help us in this, it is very important that we preserve
the site until we have enough information for the

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