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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:37:36 2004
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Dear Don and List:

Don, congrats on your finds at Gold Basin. I've been hunting there=20
myself, as have numerous members of the List, and we know how hard it=20
is to find meteorites among all those hot rocks.

List members and meteorite hunters Professor Jim Kriegh and Twink=20
Monrad, were the first to realize that the Gold Basin stones were=20
meteorites, and they initiated an extensive research program in=20
association Dr. David Kring of the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory in=20
Oro Valley, Arizona. That program continues to this day, and involves=20
recording the weight and location of each Gold Basin find, in order=20
that detailed information about the strewn field can be compiled and=20
studied by meteoriticists. Twink told me, just today, that she was=20
disappointed that so many hunters had failed to supply Dr. Kring with=20
data regarding their finds. Gold Basin presents a nearly unique=20
opportunity to study an extensive and (initially) untouched strewn=20

I interviewed Dr. Kring on this very subject for one of my two=20
articles on Gold Basin for "Meteorite!" magazine and he had this to=20

=B3In addition to laboratory analysis, our goal is to map out the=20
distribution of fragments and their mass so that we can calculate the=20
height at which the Gold Basin asteroid exploded. This will tell us=20
the strength of the asteroid. We do not understand the strengths of=20
asteroids. This makes it difficult to assess the collisional hazards=20
of these objects and to assess different techniques that might be=20
used to deflect asteroids in collisional orbits. Since the Gold Basin=20
strewn field may help us in this, it is very important that we=20
preserve the site until we have enough information for the necessary=20

Don, I wonder if you know about Dr. Kring's research project, and if=20
you'd consider furnishing your data to him (forgive me if you have=20
already done so). I'd also encourage all others who have made finds=20
at Gold Basin to do the same thing. It's very satisfying to know that=20
-- in some small way -- one's finds are contributing to the=20
advancement of meteorite science, and it's also a rare chance for=20
amateurs and professionals to work together.


Geoff Notkin

p.s. If anyone needs precise contact info for Dr. Kring, please=20
write to me off-List.

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