[meteorite-list] Apollo Moonrock thin section wallpapers

From: Stuart Forbes <stuart.forbes_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:37:36 2004
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Hi everyone,

Thanks for all the kind comments about the thin section photos. In answer to
all the questions:

These photos were taken through crossed polarised light on a petrological
microscope, producing the vivid bifringence colours. The only exception to
this the orange soil, which is shown only in plane polarised light, and
these are its normal colours.

Feel free to use these scans for any public or educational use. A credit
would be nice, and let me know as well!

Prints of these are available, any size from 7x10 up to 20x30, contact me
for details.

>like the multiply twinned plagioclase in the Apollo 16 Anorthsoite 60025
>very much! It is even fractured right through the middle and the twinned
>crystals in the lower part are clearly offset to the right. Really

I love this picture, I stared at that thin section for about three days when
my exhibition was running. Look closely and you'll see that the displacement
is slightly rotational. The twinning lines up across the large shock
fracture on the right of the grain, but becomes more displaced the further
away from it you go. Look even closer, and you'll see the signature of
Apollo geologist Prof Leon T. Silver, who featured prominently in the TV
series "From the Earth to the Moon"

And can any eagle-eyed South Park fans find the face of Stan in one of them
(might take some imagination to spot!)?


Stuart Forbes
Edinburgh, Scotland
Received on Thu 21 Dec 2000 12:50:59 AM PST

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