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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:37:33 2004
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Hi, all -

   Yes, I did deal with Mr. Moore and his marvellous martian meteorite.
He wrote to his congressman and senators complaining that he had
not been given a fair hearing by NASA. The complaint went to NASA
Legislative affairs, and then down to the bottom of the pecking -- me.
  After several false starts, I did meet with Mr. Moore and his rock,
examined it, looked at a thin section, and studied the chemical analyses
that Mr. Moore had obtained. Putting this all together, there was no
evidence at all that the rock was a meteorite, or was like the SNC martian
meteorites. The report to NASA was about 33 pages. I'm looking into
whether I can get it put up on the web somewhere. The chemical analyses
part is pretty good.

   I ran into Mike Moore last summer in Roswell. My boys really like
"The X-files," so we stopped at the UFO museum there on the way north.
Mike Moore was there in the main hall, with the Frass rock, giving talks
about it and the NASA conspriacy to suppress it. He had big warning signs
up about the dangers of being contaminated with martian life from the rock.
My sons were real impressed that their dad was the chief conspirator, a
"Man in Black."

  Allan Treiman

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