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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:37:31 2004
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Having communicated with Dr. Blakeslee in the recent
past, I feel I should attempt some form of
introduction. To save space and time, I will just
offer to you these following URLs:

Donald Blakeslee "bio" -

Recent Honors and his picture -

Recent field work and artifact finds -

How ranked by students -

Past Awards -

Welcome to the Meteoritecentral meteorite-list Donald

Bob V.

--- Donald Blakeslee <blakesle_at_twsuvm.uc.twsu.edu>
> Hello to all:
> I am new to the list and am interested in
> communicating with those of you who actively search
> for meteorites in the field. I am an archaeologist
> interested in Native American uses of meteorites and
> am hoping to find some new information from some of
> you.
> I have been combing the literature for references to
> meteorites from archaeological sites and have found
> quite a few, but there I keep running into problems
> of various sorts. First, most archaeologists
> wouldn't know a meteorite if it hit them on the
> so an unknown number that have been excavated have
> not been reported as such. For instance, in the
> report of the old excavations at Pecos, there is a
> brief mention of some small dark brown rocks that
> very heavy for their size. Since they were found
> a few other items that relate to ritual, there is a
> good possibility that they are meteorites.
> A second problem is with the meteorite literature,
> and that's where I hope you can help me. Many of
> find spots are described so poorly that it is
> impossible to tell whether the meteorite was in
> association with any artifacts. The Winona
> was found with some charcoal adhering to its
> oxidation crust, which might be a clue. The Lost
> meteorite was found by an artifact collector,
> according to the Catalogue of Meteorites.
> Seems to me that this is a clue; where else would an
> artifact collector be looking than on an
> archaeological site? Actually, I have a report that

> two more meteorite fragments were found on an
> archaeological site near Lost Draw, so there may be
> strewn field there (West Texas).
> So here's my request: Do you know of any meteorites
> that have been found fairly recently in spots that
> also yield artifacts? Or meteorites that
> appear to have been modified by people (other than
> cutting and slicing)?
> Also, meteorites found on top of prominent hills
> (the Pawnees, among others, put meteorites in such
> places)? I already have the information in
> the 1975 Catalogue of Meteorites and in Buchwalds'
> volume on iron meteorites and Nininger's old article

> on meteorites from archaeological sites, but I know
> there are likely to be many more...
> Can you help?
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