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What am I missing?

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I'm speechless! Utterly speechless!

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>Here are a few meteorites from my collection. The topmost and middle ones are, I
>believe lunar, which weigh 9 and 12 pounds respectively. The other, below, I believe is
>Martian and it weighs 31.6 lbs. As you can see, it is yellow and red though the colors
>are dulled probably from it?s long earthly sojourn. I have quite a few other meteorites
>most of which were found on my property in Sebastopol, California (sold now), and
>in the Sierra Nevada foothills. I have many smaller meteorites. I have been collecting
>these rocks for more than 40 years and am now very old. So I want to sell most of them
>and need help in deciding how to go about it. I know they will need to be classified,
>but how do I get that done. I have no way to cut pieces off of them and there doesn?t
>seem to be any meteorite collectors anywhere near Modesto who would have such
>equipment. Can anyone on the list help me?
>Thank You,

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