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Hello All,

If that's a moon rock, or any meteorite derived fragment for that
matter, I'm Mickey Mouse...lol!
Maybe it is a mineral ore from the Nostromo payload that Ripley salvaged
before she blew it and that fraker alien to kingdom come...lol, lol!

Anyone can write whatever on the net and it is so, "Moon rocks are
illegal". I hear this a lot...(rolling eyes). All you can do is educate
one naivete at a time, "No actually, only the Apollo moon rocks are

Be safe. Be well.

Kind regards,

Daniel Noyes
Genuine Moon & Mars Meteorite Rocks
info at moonmarsrocks.com
IMCA #6830

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Subject: [meteorite-list] What Is This Thing? Mystery Rock or
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On Reddit, there is an item (rock?) labeled "AN/TCS-62" that
many people are guessing is either a meteorite or Moon rock at:

Although I disagree with either identification, the members
of this list might have fun making their guesses as to what
this mystery specimen is.

Have fun,

Paul H.


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