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From: Marcin Cimała - POLANDMET <marcin_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sun, 14 Jun 2020 21:26:44 +0200
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> I have started in Meteorites group discusion that every new classification
> should include few photos of specimen?.

Excellent idea, Marcin!

It exists for many mets from Antarctica already! Why not for all the newly
classified mets? Including thin section photos!!!


BTW: I?m not too fond about facebook policy but facebook is where the
meteorite world takes place!


Yes thats what is my intention.Im surprized I didnt get that idea before.
I have tryed tooday using EoM but its made for completly different purpose,
it accept low resolution photos and its external website.

I have right now newly classified meteorite
Northwest Africa 13337 (467 g, Mesosiderite)
It will be test if all 13 photos will be accepted and submited with it to
Met Bull.
If it go through, I will do it with every next classification and hopefully
some other dealers will follow.

But Im affraid many will not like to publish their specimens or they dont
care. If they must show all necesary information to submit their specimens,
they should also care to submit required reference material photo. Not
becouse Cimala want to see what Mr Farmer bought. I can read it in
classification. Its for reference and also hey, do we collecting DATA or we
collecting meteorites. I want to be able to watch classified 50kg lunar even
if I dont care who got it or I dont have need to own it. But this could be
pleasure to see its photos and learn about it something more than
geochemical data.

Most meteorites sink somewhere and we will never see them again. Or they
will be cut and be destroyed that way forever becouse noone saved photos of

Lets start revolution :)

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