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Mitterling Meteorite Offerings December25 to 31st, 2020
                   & January 1st to 15th 2021

Selling Meteorite Specimens for over 32 Years! Wishing everyone a Merry


I take Visa/Mastercard & a few other types of cards. (let me know what
you have)
Checks, cashier checks and money orders

I will consider reasonable offers on any of the specimens, except those
marked firm.
Sincerely --AL Mitterling - Mitterling Meteorites

Photos can be found at this link:
https://www.flickr.com/photos/183781924 at N06/albums/72157717523296596
Note: put mouse over specimens to see names on color catalog.
Specimens are in the same order of list.

For questions or purchase Email me at: mittmet51 at gmail.com

Stony Specimen

Zag Southern Morocco Fell early August 1998. Zag has a very nice
breccia, interior and classed H3-6 chondrite. This meteorite is very
rare in the sense that blue halite salt crystals were found in it.
Only two meteorites (Zag and Monahans) are known to have contained these
halite (salt) crystals. These crystals contain liquid water making
them unique for a fall.

Weight: 368 grams Cost: $1200.00 OBRO

Oum Dreyga Gour Lafkah, Western Sahara Fell 2003 the 16th October, 02:00
UT Ordinary chondrite (H3-5) On 16 October 2003, Moroccan soldiers
stationed in Western Sahara saw a meteorite falling on Gour Lafkah
Mountains, south of Zbayra, about 21 km from Oum Dreyga. The meteorite
fell near a 670 km long wall built in 1985, protected by anti-personnel
mines, and guarded by soldiers. About 17 kg were recovered. Stones fromthis
fall were later brought to Moroccan dealers. Most of them have been
collected aftera rainfall and are thus slightly oxidized. However, some
fragments had been picked upsoon after the fall; these are very fresh.
Fragments have been sold
under different names.

Weight 45.7 gm Price $195.00

Wells, Texas Lynn County, Texas, USA Found ca. 1985, recognized 1996.
Ordinary chondrite (LL3.3) A 4.135 kg stone was found by P. M.
Sherrill in a grain field. Nice chondrite loaded with chondrules in
the matrix of an overall rich brownish color. One of the nicest
meteorites to be found in the state of Texas. Weight 8.6 gm $295.00

Allegan, Mi Fell July 10, 1899 8am. 31.75kg Ordinary high-iron
(olivine-bronzite) chondrite
[H5, S1, W0] After detonations, a single stone fell. Total iron (28.5
wt%) and olivine composition (~Fa18) are consistent with those of
ordinary H chondrites. Most of the mass has been held at the U.S.
National Museum. Ryker: Weight .67 gram $50.00
                                  Bottle in Ryker: .34 gram $30.00

New Orleans, LA New Orleans, Louisiana USA Fell 2003 September 23rd at
about 16:05 hrs (CST)Ordinary chondrite (H5) On the afternoon of
September 23rd 2003, a meteorite crashed through the two-story home of
Ray and Judy Fausset, who were not at home at the time. Neighbors said
that they heard a "terrific noise." Two observations of a fireball
were recorded. The main mass of the meteorite was found in the crawl
space under the house. Powdery meteorite debris and fragments were
found along the penetration path throughout the house. A total mass of
19.256 kg was recovered from the Fausset house, the three largest
fragments weighing 2966 g, 1292 g and 1001 g. Some additional material
(~100 g) was also recovered in the surrounding neighborhood. The
meteorite has a light grey matrix with a black fusion crust, and very
friable. Abundant metal and troilite are visible on broken surfaces,
as well as some thin (mm-thick) impact melt veins.
Weight 10.4 gm Price $2,000.00 OBRO

Carbonaceous Chondrites

Tagish Lake, Canada - Class: CI2 or C2 ung Carbonaceous Chondrite
British Columbia , Canada Fell January 18, 2000. A brilliant fireball
followed by loud detonations was widely observed over the Yukon
Territory and northern British Columbia. The fireball was also
detected by satellites in Earth orbit. Dust clouds from terminal
fragmentation events were widely observed. Jim Brook recovered
several dozen meteorites totaling ~ 1 kg on the ice of Taku Arm,
Tagish Lake, on January 25 and 26 Between April 20 and May 8, ~ 500
additional specimens were located on the ice of Taku Arm.

Weight .1 gram contained in specimen bottle and displaced in small
ryker mount with label and information. $375.00 - I have five .1 gram
specimens of this.

Isheyavo Bashkortostan, Russia

Class: carbonaceous, bencubbin- like meteorite. Found 2003 Class:
CH/CBb One stone, weighing 16 kg, was found by a farmer driving a
tractor in a field during harvest season. Located in the Ishimbai
region of Bashkortostan, close to the Isheyevo village. A small piece
of the meteorite was issued to the Vernadsky Institute by Kazakov
D.A., and Polozkov A.G, September 2004

Weight 2.76 grams $250.00

Iron Specimens

Plymouth, Indiana

Found 1893 But may have been found in1883, Class: IIIAB Iron, medium
octahedrite. A Mass was plowed up by a farmer 5 miles southwest of
Plymouth, Indiana. It was acquired by Ward Scientific who described
the specimen. It is estimated to have weighed 28.5 lbs to 33 lbs. The
finder suggested he had uncovered another mass in 1872 and was
estimated to weigh close to 2,000 lbs but later buried that piece in
order to farm without obstruction from the piece.

I personally have hunted for more material using deep ground detectors
with another hunter. While we found many pounds of old tools,
hardware, bolts and other debris, we were unable to find any other
meteorites from this find. My personal believe is, there is no other
material from this find. Making the limited material that is known
pretty rare. Only four personal collections have this material!! The
piece for sale has excellent surface area, 2 1/4 inches wide by 2 1/4
inches high by 1/12 inches thick (57 mm X 57 mm X 2 mm thick) and is
triangle shaped.

Specimen weighs 24.9 grams $2,900.00 OBRO

Sikhote Alin

Whole with thumbprints 381.2 grams Super nice piece with 100% crust
and great features you just aren't seeing these days. Purchased years
ago during the time when every dealer
had nice specimens. Class: IIAB Price $1,150.00 Firm

Cape York Meteorite was found in the summer of 1963. Class: IRON
IIIAB, medium octahedrite. Weight is Estimated 15 tons. Meteorite has
not been fully excavated. Discovery: The meteorite was discovered by
Dr. Vagn Buchwald (Copenhagen, Denmark), during a study of the
loci?ation where the Greenland meteorites were previously discovered.
It was 6 km to the west of the point where the two known specimens
?Woman? and ?Dog? were found and are undoubtedly a part of the Cape
York me?teorite shower. The meteorite lay on an ice-free slope 500 m
from the shore and was partly covered with gneiss boulders. There was
no crater and no crushing of rocks discovered. The meteorite has
temporarily been left where disco?vered. The specimen found is the
sixth from the Cape York me?teorite shower. Dr. Vagn Buchwald has
drawn up a summary of precise data on all the known specimens as of
September 1963. (from the meteoritical Bulletin)

Weight: 52.4 gm $ 625.00
              13.6 gm $ 175.00
              13.5 gm $ 175.00

Udei Station, Nigeria Fell: Spring of 1927 Silicated Iron Meteorite
Class: IAB ungrouped. This is a sensational silicated iron meteorite
with a brown matrix and rich in metal, a medium octahedrite with
silicated features in the matrix. The fall was heard by the local
people but the exact date was not established.
Weight: 223.8 gm Price: $1,000.00 Firm

Clark County, Kentucky - Found in 1937 and later identified by the
Niningers in 1939. A rare class type of IIIF iron and a medium
octahedrite. Similar to Nelson County but doesn't exhibit the same
deformation as Nelson County does. Found about a hundred miles away
from the Nelson Co. but though distinct. Odds of two rare iron
specimens falling close to the same geographical location would be
very rare happening. One of six known IIIF Iron meteorites.

Weight 20.6 gm $1500.00


Pasamonte, New Mexico Achondrite (Eucrite) Fell: March 24, 1933 Not
too much of this material floating around the collecting circuit. Nice
specimen with Crust.
Weight 7.4 grams $5,350.00 OBRO

Juvinas, France Fell: June 15th, 1821 - This is a monomict breccia of
the eucrite group. Eucrites falls and finds are fairly common.
Eucrites are believed to be, and most likely are from the surface of
Asteroid Vesta. Vesta was the fourth asteroid ever discovered in the
year 1807. Crusted on 100% of edges.

6.7 gm $970.00 Firm

NWA769 - Found in Gulmime, Marocco. This is a calcium rich eucrite
found in the desert of Marocco.

Weight 9.3 gm $400.00

Johnstown, CO. Slice Class: Diogenite 1/4 slice 9.2 grams with about
an inch long of black fusion crust on natural outside surface. This
fall interrupted a funeral that was taking place and part of the fall
landed on the outside of the church.
Price: $1,400.00 OBRO

D'Orbigny Buenos Aires Prov. Part Slice (1 1/8 X 3/4 X 1/8 inches)
Shows an interesting green/gray matrix of this rare angrite. A 16.55 kg
stone, mostly covered with dark gray fusion crust, was found in a corn
field after a farmer hit it with a plow. Shows unique formation

Weight 3.84 gm $960.00 or best reasonable offer.

Rare Hard to get specimens

Georgetown, Australia (iron) Found in 1988 RARE IIICD iron, now
regrouped as IAB-ung. This meteorite was analyzed by Choi et al. (1995) and
subsequently listed in the Catalog of Meteorites as an anomalous IIICD iron
with silicate inclusions (it has fantastic troilite). It was later
analyzed by Wasson who classified it as a ?solo iron related to IAB.? The
name ?Georgetown (iron)? is now recognized as official by the Meteorite
Nomenclature Committee. J. T. Wasson ) reports that Georgetown (iron) was
found an unknown distance from Georgetown, Queensland, Australia, by a gold
prospector with a metal detector.

Weight 26.2 gm $1,500.00
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