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Date: Thu, 20 Aug 2020 17:49:07 +0000 (UTC)
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Thank you John!I hope you are enjoying today's Picture of the Day.(Maybe I should send more thin-section pictures to MPOD. )

Anne BlackIMPACTIKA.comimpactika at aol.com

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Hello folks,

With regard to Steve Britteham's MPOD of 8/18/20 where he stated that with some simple parts and some innovation,
anyone is able to enjoy the amazing kaleidoscope (type) images of a meteorite thin section. His illustrated
microscope setup is probably too intense for a casual collector. I do understand his methods and goals. Again,
too much for most. However, for simple home viewing of thin sections under XPOL (cross polarized lighting) which
shows the beautiful colors that, we know, we all love to see, this type of viewing can be accomplished quite simply.
If I remember correctly, Steve Schoner (bless him-super guy) offered a hand held viewer. The only important parts
needed are Two ordinary polarized camera lenses (camera shop "goody box"--$2/3 apiece) and Any light source.
Of course any microscope would improve the expierience. I hope Marissa had her oooh & aaah moment. I was on
a personal mission to rival Kashuba's expert work and s#it happened in 2012 for me, now I just watch others build
their own systems. My favorites to view are achondrites - just ask Anne.

Many others have tried to get a Met-List or IMCA list going on this subject with limited results. It is Not complicated
to achieve astounding personal results. A few comments from the knowledgeable geared towards a collector
that's sitting home and saying "how do I even get started". Help them get started and they'll go from there.
Guaranteed they will.
Big thanks to thin section producers.

Every one of them is Beautiful in XPOL.
Thank you Steve.


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