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From: Michael Farmer <mike_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2020 23:38:19 +0000 (UTC)
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We have a large new fall in Kerinyaga state, Kerugoya Kenya. 24 April 2020 20:00 hours.?Chondrite. White, at least?15-20 kg known.?Sadly heavy rains began the next afternoon and stones not recovered immediately are already exhibiting heavy oxidation.?
Save up your pennies folks. For a little background on how I got ahold of this fall so fast. I saw the Kenya fall on Friday night Tucson time, barely 7 hours after it happened in Kenya. I?ve been to Kenya 7 times, 3 for Thika fall in 2011 (60km from this fall. Four trips for Sericho Pallasite.?
I?ll call this fall Komboini for the moment. I called my contacts in Kenya immediately, one of whom arrived there Saturday evening less than 24 hours after the fall. He was rapidly buying material for me. I have the hammer stone (fell on a house in Komboini) and we removed the roof panel with the hole and even the tile floor that was shattered by the stone. The meteorite shattered on impact.?
Most of the stones you?ve all seen in the photos and video I have. Some you haven?t seen I have. Heavy rains started hours after the fall and any stones recovered after the rains began are heavily oxidized already. I assume the fall is an H5. Seems too high metal for an L but that?s also possible. Pieces will be available for sale next week. ? ?There will be enough to go around. As you can see I have some kilos. Many stones sadly were picked up and hammered to see what was inside them. Sad but will provide for lots of fresh fragments for collectors.?
Relax. I plan to make a coronavirus stay-at-home special offer to get pieces to everyone at very low cost. Money is hard to come by these days.?There is a massive panic in Kenya with the Sericho crowd all selling and offering photos. Most of them can?t move because Kenya is locked down. Be warned that many are claiming to be there who aren?t there. Roads are blocked by military due to coronavirus lockdown and movement is difficult or impossible for most. My guy is high up in the government. He can move.?
I?m being offered stones by Moroccans that I already purchased?. Beware of people offering pieces they don?t have in hand.Michael Farmer?

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