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Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2020 13:30:51 -0700
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Thanks Kevin... and

Greetings Meteorite Friends,

I would like to add a _big thank you from the scientific community_,
too! New discoveries were made in the field of extraterrestrial organics
because of the quick recovery of pre-rain samples and even ordinary dirt
from the site. We are grateful to all who provided samples for research.

Best regards to all especially in these challenging times,
Dolores Hill
_University of Arizona_'s Lunar and Planetary Laboratory ?? ;-)

On 4/23/2020 10:32 AM, Kevin Kichinka via Meteorite-list wrote:
> Team Meteorite:
> Measured by volume or number, Costa Rica will win every Scarlet Macaw
> competition.
> But she will linger in last place when it comes to
> recovered?meteorites. More seem to fall in Morocco in one day, than
> the sole kilo of stone that fell here in 1857.
> That is, until a few minutes past nine o'clock at night one year ago
> today, when around 25-30kg was added to the goodie bag.
> Enjoying 'home court advantage', I was the first foreign hunter on
> site and later wrote about my astounding experience for the July, 2019
> edition of the Meteorite Times,?Paul Harris and Jim Tobins' essential,
> bi-monthly on-line?magazine.
> While we all cool our jets under self-inflicted house arrest, if you
> haven't read this feature or realize its worth a second viewing-? I'll
> suggest it will completely remove your mind from the horrors the world
> presently faces, replaced with a few chuckles, instants of fresh
> comprehension, and moments of awe.
> Read it here:
> *https://www.meteorite-times.com/fall-of-aguas-zarcas-cm2/*
> In December past, I returned with Blaine and Blake Reed to clean up
> what ever?was still laying around.
> In my follow-up feature in the Met Times, the first science on the met
> is previewed, courtesy of Buckyball World champion Greg Shanos.
> I share the details of a fun trade of pre-rain AZ CM2 to Blaine for
> specimens of Bolivian?fall Aiquile, PAL Sericho and the DIO NWA 5484,
> a visual twin to Mars life suspect ALH84001.
> The 'Meteorite Man' Robert Haag submits a fantastic travelogue of his
> ten days in-country, along with some deeper profundities that any
> fan-of-the-man will delight in - LOL!!!.
> All of this is embedded inside a story of a life in Costa Rica, told
> under the guise of meteorite hunting.
> Make sure to click on the links....you will not regret the detours.
> The feature begins and ends with two of the most?breath-taking photos
> of a falling meteorite in flight ever published.
> Read it here:
> *https://www.meteorite-times.com/high-noon-in-aguas-zarcas-where-the-reed-bros-ride-again/*
> *************************************************************************************************************
> Lastly.
> Forever thoughts, memories and strength to all of my friends and
> acquaintances here, in our time of universal distress.
> I've 'been with you' for twenty-five years now. You've been with me as
> I've written here and for JSchiff's 'Meteorite', about the Mars'
> meteorites we?hold in esteem, along with researchers who took us
> 'inside the rock' to its elemental core, and together with museum
> curators in London, Paris and Chicago that?allowed us to see their
> secret treasures.
> I wrote a daily blog back to the m-list during two expeditions to
> Bolivia, when the internet was our new toy. Writing from a town next
> to the Salar de Uyuni, the salt flats where?I though a?black rock
> ought to stand out, a single skinny cable next to a 19th century train
> track carried my words to you.
> Imagine Bolivia, a place where few chose to become tourists, where
> Butch Cassidy and the Kid called Sundance went to 'get away from it
> all'. A place where 'you were there' when a team of your friends
> recovered the country's first authenticated meteorite.
> And I'll always smile when I think about the prize fight that was a
> court battle with JPL web-master Ron Ballke, as we argued the evidence
> (or lack thereof) in regards to a dog "left like ashes in a moment" by
> the Nakhla meteorite in Egypt.
> You the court ruled, 'Long live the dead dog'.
> /Ojala,/ that we may together continue these adventures.
> Please do not 'travel off the trail' of common sense, instead
> steadfastly cling to the route of uncommon sense. Take all precautions
> to shield yourself from these clouds of molecular terror threatening
> our lives and and everything important.
> It seems that we are in a race where the finish line is not known, and
> we have become unwilling participants in a marathon where the course
> is thick with land mines.
> The mountain is high. But one's every careful step is one step closer
> to the yet unseen summit,?because it does exist.
> Some will slip from a careless?step and fall into a dark infinity, an
> indescribable infinity without a tomorrow.
> Endure and survive.
> Now join me..... On to Aguas Zarcas!
> Kevin Kichinka
> Nine Degree N x 50km south of the AZ strewn field
> Costa Rica
> "The Art of Collecting Meteorites" available on Amazon
> MARSROX at gmail.com <mailto:MARSROX at gmail.com>
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