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Dear Meteorite experts, lovers, hunters, collectors, MetList & IMCA friends,

Please find here down full info and some rules regarding the "Ensisheim Meteorite 2019".
Hopefully you receive this in time.
Welcome for questions or comments.

All registrations and pre-registrations will, from now on, be considererd and answered.

Best ragards to all,


?ENSISHEIM METEORITE 2019? show news (March 26, 2019)

Dear meteorite friends, members of IMCA & Meteorite-Central List,
Please find here down information about ?Ensisheim-Meteorite 2019?, the 20th show edition.


This year the show dates are as usually, the week preceding the Ste-Marie-aux-Mines ?Mineral & Gem? show:

Professional day (for dealers only) : Friday June 21: 10:00?18:00
Official show inauguration : Friday June 21, 18:00 (see below)
Enthroning ceremonies and friendly drink : Friday June 21, 18:30 (see below)
Show opening to the public :
* Saturday June 22: 9:30?18:30 (dealer?s access possible from 8:30)
* Sunday June 23: 9:30?16:30

Regency Palace (halls partly rebuilt), main square (in front of the Regency)
Entrance fee
* Saturday + Sunday: 5 ?
* Saturday only: 5 ?
* Sunday only: 3 ?
* Children under 12: free
* To avoid fraud, tickets with stump will be distributed at the entrance


As announced earlier this year, the 20 th edition of our meteorite show has returned to our old good ?Palais de la R?gence? (Regency Palace) which remains forever our show ?magical place?.
Important work has been done in the old building where an elevator is now installed in accordance with the law on security. As a result, the space at the end of the old staircase is now slightly limited and some tables have had to be re-arranged. The new layout of the ?Pas Perdus? hall (first floor entrance) now involves only 5 dealer tables while the space devoted to the consignment tables as well as the usual table of Anne Black are now cluttered by the elevator environment.

Nevertheless, the ?Spiess? space is now fully open and can accommodate 6 dealer tables and the 5 consignment tables.
The ? Egloff ? hall still allows placing 9 tables, while the ? Regency Room ? was not affected by the work.
As a result, presently 55 dealer and the 5 consignment tables could still be easily installed in the Palace.

However, due to the recent increasing demand for tables, we estimate that at least 65 tables are needed to satisfy everyone. This goal could only be achieved by expanding the space of the Palace.
The extension now involves the installation of a medium sized tent (10.5 x 7 m) connected to the main entrance of the Regency Palace. The entrance to the Palace is now such that the public must enter through the tent door and inevitably visit all the tables of the tent.


The new configuration of the space currently available (Palace + tent) forces us to assign the tables according to the seniority rule:
The "old exhibitors" (those who have reserved tables for a long time), will have the priority to have their usual tables in the Palace (so as in 2017). I will try to arrange their table(s) the best I can, respecting as much as possible the old layout and the presence of their usual neighbors.

The "new exhibitors" (those who have rented tables recently and all the newcomers) will receive their tables in the adjacent tent, following the "first come, first served" rule.

Those of you who had booked tables in 2018 (in the temporary ?Gymnase Communal?), please inform me quickly whether (or not) you wish to confirm your visit this year. If yes, specify how many tables you want to rent.
I insist that if you cannot go this year, you notify me that you want to cancel. This is very important and absolutely necessary so that I can immediately assign tables to those who are on the waiting list.


All tables (in the Palace and in the tent) are now fully equivalent in size (160 x 80 cm) and in price (single price of 180 euros per table - and not per meter - regardless of the number of tables rented, meaning that there is no more digressive price for those who rent more than one table).

The Palace and the tent rooms are well lit. Anyway, it's up to you to decide if your tables need extra lighting. Please note that only LED bulbs are acceptable, with a maximum power of 100 watt per table. Other bulbs are now prohibited.

Tables must be paid preferably in cash (in euros), at the reception desk. French checks are tolerated but not credit cards .
When you pay, you will receive your personalized badges.

The reservation of the tables starts from now.
To register, send me an e-mail:
zelimir.gabelica at uha.fr

Please specify the following data:
First name, last name and the country of origin of the main dealer (you) and also of all your assistants. This is necessary so that we can prepare the corresponding badges.
Nobody can enter showrooms without badges outside opening hours. All dealers and their assistants must wear their own badge at all times while in the room.

The rules for assistants are now the following:
1 reserved table = one dealer and max. 1 assistant, hence 1 or 2 badges awarded;
2 tables, also one dealer and max. 1 assistant, hence 1 or 2 badges awarded;
3 tables, one dealer and max. 2 assistants, so up to 3 badges awarded;
More than 3 tables, still up to 3 badges are awarded; no additional badge is awarded for more than 3 persons per stand composed of 4 tables or more. These will be considered as the public and will have to pay the entry accordingly.

Persons without a badge are not considered resellers, cannot occupy tables and are not allowed to enter the showrooms on Friday (professional day) or outside public opening hours. Selling meteorites elsewhere in buildings or outside (in the main square) is not allowed.


Our show is exclusively dedicated to extraterrestrial material (meteorites, tektites, impactites and related literature). In other words, any other geological material of terrestrial origin, namely minerals, gems, fossils, pearls?.is strongly prohibited to display or to offer for sale.


" Consignment tables ": = space where organizers and guests coming from far away can offer for sale their "extraterrestrials" at a friendly price.
These additional tables are now located at the back of the Spiess room.
Those who are interested in booking a small space on these consignment tables please contact me and, if possible, specify approximately the amount of space desired.


Maps and travel itineraries can soon be found on the website of the city of Ensisheim:


Nearby hotels are: " La Couronne " (reopened this year after a substantial restoration) " Domaine du Moulin ", " Logis de l'Ecomus?e ", " Niemerich " and " Cheval Blanc ". More information on their location and their characteristics (phone, fax, e-mail, websites) will be given on the official show flyer which will be finalized in the coming days. You could also find it on the city's website or ask me to send it to you by email.

IMPORTANT: everyone must organize his own accommodation! If you call, they all also speak English and German.


* Friday 18:00 : official opening of the show in front of the Regency building, followed by a short optional visit of some dealer's booths (where dealers are invited to stay and possibly answer some questions), or of the thematic exhibition (and the genuine Ensisheim meteorite) in the Regency museum.
The end of these visits is scheduled at 18:30 sharp.

* Friday 18:30 : gathering of all dealers, assistants and invited persons still outside the Regency; welcoming words from the president, followed by induction ceremonies and the traditional friendly drink.

* Friday 20:00 : traditional DINNER PARTY in the big tent on the square.
The restaurant " Le Boeuf Rouge " offers a special menu (? 25, drinks not included): smoked salmon with brioche or pie with salad, stuffed guinea fowl thigh, vegetables & spaetzli?s, desert. You may also order a vegetarian menu.
Needless to insist the dinner party is more than recommended and everybody (organizers, dealers, lecturers, public and all their friends?) is warmly welcome!

Reservation is required (drop me an email, just specify names and indicate the number of persons).


Dinner suggestions: possibility to enjoy permanently under the tent some flammek?che-based dinner or other local fast food, beer, Pinot Gris ?1492 vintage? (to be specified on the flyer).
Those who prefer to eat elsewhere in the city are invited to return to the square after dinner and enjoy the music festival and dance during this shortest night of the year. Evening entertainment and discussions currently continue up to about midnight (very flexible deadline).


1) "50 YEARS OF EXPLORATION OF THE MOON": a historical overview from the first " small step for man ..." to the deciphered messages of the 361 lunar meteorites recognized so far.

To add to the recent debate on the MetCentral List on the advisability of organizing conferences and seminars at meteorite meetings, you know that we regularly improve the educational part of our activities in Ensiheim since 20 years by proposing lectures and seminars delivered by world eminent meteorite experts.

The first lecture is entitled: " The Apollo Odyssey: Target Moon ! " (Saturday, 11:00 ? 12:00)
It is an annotated story of " 12 Men on the Moon ", a fascinating talkie that Mr. Etienne LEFEBVRE will develop on the Apollo missions, based on his knowledge of many NASA's archives and his encounters with most of the pioneering astronauts.
This is completed by a thematic exhibit on Apollo rocket miniatures, in the Regency Museum.


Lecture: " Hunting and Preserving Brazilian Meteorites: From Bendeg? to the National Museum Fire" (Sunday, 11:00 ? 12:00)

For this 20th edition of our show, we have the honor and the pleasure of welcoming two passionate and highly competent Brazilian guests:
Prof. Dra. Maria Elisabeth ZUCOLOTTO , scientist and curator of the Museum of Natural History of Rio de Janeiro
and Dr. Andre MOUTINHO , from Sao Paulo, the current " Meteorite Man " in Brazil.

Elisabeth will describe (in English, with simultaneous translation and a summary written in French) some of the most famous Brazilian meteorites (Bendeg?, Angra dos Reis, Ibitira ...) while Andr? will intervene by narrating his exciting hunts in search of very recent falls (Porangaba, Serra Pelada ...).
Elizabeth will close the session by adding some frustrating but also reassuring comments on the recent fire that has almost completely destroyed the NH museum in Rio.

Exhibt :

We invite you all to participate to the thematic exhibition by bringing Brazilian meteorites selected from your collections, which will then be displayed in the windows of the Regency Museum. Write your own labels or send me informal label texts in time with the name of the meteorite, its size, weight and a brief description of its characteristics that would deserve a competitive display.


To commemorate the 20th edition of our show, we wish to offer a commemorative medal (limited to 300 numbered pieces) to the inductees of the day, invited guests, speakers and to all main dealers. Their assistants and the public can also buy these medals at a tag price of 25 euros/piece.
It represents on one side our Ensisheim meteorite, while the other side shows the old drawing of the meteorite fall. I can send photos on request.


Warmly welcoming everyone to attend this special 20th edition of our Meteorite Show, I am now looking forward to hearing from you and staying at your disposal to provide you with any additional information.

Thank you for your interest,

My always friendly wishes to everyone,


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