[meteorite-list] Skull carved out of iron meteorite

From: Daniel Fronefield <dfronfld_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2018 21:39:03 -0600
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I totally agree with those who see no difference in this sculpture and the
cutting/slicing of any other meteorite for broader dissemination. Why the
double standard? It's Gibeon also which has been available in large
quantities, so there is no scientific loss. I personally add meteorites of
all classes to the high end custom knives I build as well as forging the
iron into my blade materials. And, I do think of these knives as 'Art'.
Guess what ... my buyers are excited about owning meteorites; they
frequently have gone on to buy other meteorite specimens; they pass that
fascination of meteorites on to others. Is that not the exact reason why
meteorites are cut and prepared for resale ... to pass on to others the
excitement/fascination of owning meteorites?

Dan Fronefield

Meteor Forge
"Specializing in meteorites and other exotic materials"
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