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Yes, a great deal has been lost, and not just meteorites.

If you look at the video that Andre Moutinho has kindly provided, you will notice that the Bendego and the Santa Luzia are fine, just dirty, and still on top of their pedestals.
As for the others, I am told that the rarest ones like Angra were kept in a safe, but I don't know if the safe has been located yet.


more later.

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Team Meteorite - Very sad news that Brasil's National Museum has suffered a fire that seems from photos to have burned the building to a skeleton of bare walls open to the sky. Every possible type of object typically on display or stored in such a facility, the national heritage of Brasil, is likely damaged or destroyed. Imagine the Smithsonian turning into 'ashes in a moment'. Some objects were apparently saved by workers, but no inventory is possible at this time.

Angra dos Reis (ANGR), the country's most significant meteorite was displayed there. Anne Black recently submitted a fantastic image of? a specimen for 'Meteorite Picture of the Day'.

The Cat of Mets shows a TKW of 1.5 kg, and the Museum had a single specimen of 101 gms. Oddly, only about another 46 gms. were assigned homes. Where did the rest go?

Kevin Kichinka
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