[meteorite-list] AD: Hard to find fall specimens (ad 9/12)

From: Bigjohn Shea <bigjohnshea_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2018 10:41:19 +0200
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Dear Fellow Collectors,
Hope you are well!

In order to finish off my wedding sales I am putting some of my fall specimens up for sale. They are all 95-99% crusted specimens. All are as fresh as they can be given the circumstances of the fall and recovery of specimens.

(PLEASE NOTE: My computer is being repaired so I am unable to put these on my website for now. I can send you photos if you are interested.)

Buzzard Coulee 35g = $525, 95% crusted individual, very representative of the fall

Millbillillie 30.4g = $395, Complete specimen, red exterior with exemplary flowlines.

Wiluna 40.9g = $369, 95% crusted individual, very representative of the fall.

Gao-Guinie 74.3 = $105, Brownish black exterior with 99% crust coverage.

La Criolla 200g = $1995, An exceptional specimen with 99% crust that comes with Bob Haag provenance in the form of a handwritten letter.

Palca de Aparzo 49.3g = $2750, 95% crust. Scarce Argentinian fall. Very few specimens recovered. All specimens found a few years after the fall.

Tenham 50.25g = $1195, 99% crust, first Australian fall. A specimen this size and in this condition is hard to find these days.

Chergach 28.1g = $140, 99% crust, very representative of the fall.

Some of these specimens you absolutely will not find the equal of on the market anymore. That being said, you know I am always flexible, and always open to offers.

Regardless of my computer being down, my website is still up and running. Many bargains available there including unbeatable prices on specimens of the fabled Elbogen meteorite. Do not hesitate to visit me at:


John A. Shea, MD
IMCA 3295
Received on Mon 22 Oct 2018 04:41:19 AM PDT

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