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From: Don Merchant <dmerchan_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2018 01:21:04 -0400
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Hi Folks. Don Merchant here. I have been Buying, Selling and Collecting
Meteorites for almost 20 years. It is with a heavy heart that the time has
come to sell my entire meteorite collection. METEORITES ONLY. Cabinets NOT
included. I have
acquired over 220+ different specimens from around the world. Many specimens
purchased from the top most world renowned Dealers/Collectors such as Mike
Farmer, Michael Cottingham, Sergey Vasiliev, Moritz Karl, Rob Elliott, Dean
Bessy, John Schooler, The Hupe Brothers, Norbert Classen, Steve Arnold
(Meteorite Men) to name a few! This is a much diversified collection that
was acquired over 20 years!

These meteorite specimens vary in size and weight from micro to macro size.
Many are of the most historical and
scientific significance. Many are the rarest of the rare and exceedingly
difficult to acquire now days. Much thought was put into each purchased
meteorite. Some
of these specimens are fragments, some are slices, and some are part slices.
A few are whole stones, and a few are oriented. 2 have natural holes in
them, some have crust, and others are etched. All of them have an
interesting story to tell.

I have been a long time Member of the IMCA (International Meteorite
Collectors Association) Member #0960 and long time Member of the Meteorite
Central List/Forum


LINK to Meteorite Collection:

Due to time constraints and health reasons I am not interested in selling
these pieces one at a time. I just do not have the stamina or the time for
that. I am looking to sell the entire collection as a whole, thus the price
reflects and compensates for someone who does.

I have painstakingly, meticulously and thoroughly organized all the
paperwork, cases and specimen information for each piece. All have
Provenance's, be it ID Cards (the majority) from the previous
Dealer/Owner. A few will have a PayPal or EBay receipt/paperwork, as well as
my own ID Cards. For a Buyer if purchased, these pieces are ready to sell
instantly as I have done all the work!

As a bonus (since I will no longer need it and well worth over a $500
value), this collection will come with a Rolodex that has
Information/History Cards professionally typed. The Rolodex
Information/History Cards covers about 80% of all the specimens, with a few
handwritten included. I just was never able to complete 100% of the
Information/History Cards due to time constraints and health reasons. Still
nice to have, and I am just throwing it in the sale.

Link for Rolodex pictures:

This collection has been valued well over $22,000+.
For the price I am asking, if someone who has the time, they can double
their money selling these pieces individually. Others can take what pieces
they want for their collection and sell the rest and still easily make out
on the plus side of this sale.

I prefer a United States Buyer as my first choice. A U.S. Buyer will have
first preference over an International Buyer.

I will entertain an International Buyer under strict conditions and at my
International Buyer MUST be of good standing and a World Renowned Reputation
Dealer and or
Collector in the meteorite Community and can back that reputation up! My
reluctance selling
Internationally is not to be taken personal. It is due to the fact that once
the collection is sent out, tracking and Custom Handling becomes
virtually difficult to deal with and heavy risks for such an expensive
transaction. I have
a hard time trusting certain Country Customs. I am sure many of you
understand what I am talking about.

With that stated. I am asking $9500.00 USD or Best Offer. It includes Free 1
shipping Registered Signature Required with tracking and insured Paid by me
to any U.S. Buyer in the United States. This Collection will be well packed,
and secured for its journey.

Interested International Buyers will have to contact me to work out details
on shipping if I consider a Sale/Offer..

I accept a Bank Cashiers Check Only. However.I will entertain payment via
PayPal. However PayPal takes 3% from the amount. I will split the PayPal Fee
so the Buyer will have to pay 1.5% to the negotiated price.

PLEASE, ONLY SERIOUS BUYERS contact me off list.

At that point I will pass along my phone # so you can speak with me if you
choose or have further questions..
I will also send via your email an entire list in alphabetical order on
Word a list of that shows each meteorite name, the weight, the type and who
I purchased from. Again this will ONLY be sent out
to serious Buyers.

Thank you for your time. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me

Don Merchant
IMCA #0960
Founder- Cosmic Treasures Celestial Wonders

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