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Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2018 21:17:46 -0500
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Hi Friends and Collectors,

It's been a busy last week or so in the meteorite world. There was a
new fall in Michigan (no, I do not have any yet!) and the big Tucson
Show is now in full swing. I did not go to Tucson, but I have been
busy with a ton of new meteorites to keep me occupied.

A few of you ordered last week and a couple of those went out late,
but they are now shipped and on their way. If you have not received
your parcel yet and would like the tracking number, contact me
off-list. I apologize for the delay - it's been nuts around here.

I have several kilos of nice unclassified Saharan meteorites. There
are two kilo-sized lots that each come in a wooden cigar box. And
there are over a dozen of quality meteorites ranging from hand
specimens to larger display pieces. Use coupon code "metlist" at
checkout for 20% OFF all prices. :)

Note - the two cigar box lots are about the same weight and have
identical boxes. But, one of them has higher quality stones in it, so
that is why one box lot costs more than the other.

New Specimens :

Connoisseur Meteorite Collection Cigar Box Lot -

Premium Meteorite Collection in a Wood Cigar Box -

Big Unclassified Stony Meteorite Slab, 1.46kg -

Unclassified Uncut Chondrite, 340g -

Unclassified Meteorite with Crust, 238g -

Aerodynamic Unclassified Stone, 211g -

Unclassified Meteorite, Uncut Fragment with Chondrules, 201g-

Uncut Aerodynamic Unclassified Meteorite, 164g -

Unclassified and Uncut Chondrite Fragment, 134g -

Attractive Unclassified Stone with Crust, 127g -

Nice Unclassified Desert-Varnished Fragment, 60g -

Unclassified Stone with Captive Saharan Grains, 39g -

Aerodynamic Unclassified and Uncut Meteorite, 37g -

All new specimens - http://galactic-stone.com/brand-new/

Thanks for looking and Happy Huntings,


Galactic Stone & Ironworks : www.galactic-stone.com
Instagram : www.instagram.com/galacticstone
Twitter : www.twitter.com/galacticstone
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