[meteorite-list] Extra-terrestrial Hypatia stone rattles solar system status quo

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Hi, Jeff, Mattias, List,

Diamonds are formed deep
within the Earth's mantle:
between 100 km and 200 km
below the surface at static
temperatures of 900 - 1300 C.
Pressures there are between
45 - 60 kilobars.

A meteor impact, even a
relatively small one (Meteor
Crater) can generate 20-25
kilobars in impact pressures.
A 50% increase in veocity
would boost those impact
temperatures and pressures
to diamond-forming levels.

If it was an iron meteorite
with carbon inclusions...

Little diamonds...

See: Meteor Impact on Solid
Surfaces, by E. J. Opik:

So, don't just drop the lumps
of coal; throw them down...
really hard. And it wouldn't
hurt to give them a good
squeeze before you do!

Another good reference on
the effect of impact pressures
and temperatures can be found

Diamonds and craters go together.

Russia's largest diamond mine
IS a crater: "The world's largest
known diamond deposit was
formed by a massive asteroid
impact," they say:

"Diamonds Beneath the Popigai
Crater -- Northern Russia:"

Poipigai is the seventh largest
crater on Earth, and the world's
largest known diamond deposit.
It is 100 kilometers wide, with
a rim of deformed rock up to 20
kilometers wide.

It was formed by the impact of
a massive asteroid of 5 or 6 km.
The biggest diamonds there are
only 2mm in size, the size of the
carbon flakes they formed from.

Interestingly, the conditions at
the impact point were too severe
to form diamonds! "The diamonds
found today were probably formed
in a thin zone of rock located
about 12 to 13 kilometers out
from the point of impact."

Sterling Webb

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Sale of lumps of coal suspended pending further notice ; -)

Am 10.01.2018 um 11:10 schrieb Jeff Kuyken via Meteorite-list:

                Hmmm... diamonds formed from shock with the Earth's
atmosphere or ground? Really? Can't say I'm convinced but happy to be proven
wrong. Although if I'm wrong I'm climbing up a tree and going to start
dropping lumps of coal... ;)


        Jeff Kuyken
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        Seems strange that it has not been classified or published in the
MetBull which makes me question any of the findings. If I understand
correctly, meteoriticists/researchers cannot publish papers until the
meteorite has been published in the MetBull.
        Mendy Ouzillou
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        Have any of you folks heard about this and if so what are your
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