[meteorite-list] Operation Relocation: Marissa's move out west

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Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2018 17:04:32 -0500
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Hello Marissa, List

She said it All..

I'm in -----

I too am Stuck in a wheelchair, of very limited $, can emphasize to Marissa's

Financially not an option for me but I suggest a Auction of some meteorites
that this community is willing to put up with 100% of selling price goes to Marissa.
I also suggest that the Buyer plan to pay at least 2X what a particular piece may
normally sell for. If someone should choose to pay 10x its worth - all the better.
A normal selling price X2 should be the reserve quota. Low-ballers do-not apply.
Normal sellig price-yeah right-what the hell does that mean--just plan on the most
expensive so&so you've Ever bought. GOT IT?

Someone else with auction expierence needs to chime in on how
something like this will work. Also, no item is sent until funds are
at a bank or certified to Marissa"s Go-Fund account. ???

I'm willing to put up a 2,700gm Uruacu.

Someone needs to set the parameters for this to happen.

All my best Marissa !
John Lutzon IMCA# 1896


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Hello, List.

Back in 2014 the meteorite community came together and helped make
history and a dream come true by sending Marissa Fanady on a
life-changing meteorite hunting expedition where she became the first
(as far as we can tell) person in a wheelchair to ever find a
meteorite. It's time to rally the banners again, but this time for a
much larger project.

Marissa is trying to move out west to Tucson, AZ so that she can
pursue a life devoted to meteorites and their study. She needs our
help again, not only with raising the funds to facilitate this move,
but more importantly in spreading the word about her campaign. Every
day it seems like some campaign goes viral and raises money for a
cause that appears less than worthwhile - let's get this campaign to
go global and help a most deserving young lady realize her potential.

She made a video describing her situation, goals, and reasons for
wanting to move, it can be viewed here:

She has a GoFundMe campaign here:

Please, share the video and fund raising campaign links any way you
can; if you run a website consider putting them on a banner, share
them with local media, forward this email, share the links on
Twitter/Facebook/Instagram, whatever you can do to spread the word
will help. Of course if you can contribute to the fund raiser that
would help, too, but this time it's going to take more than just our
small community to help her make this happen.

I sincerely thank you for your time and any help you are able to provide.
Michael in so. Cal.

P.S. A recap of Marissa's 2014 adventure can be found here:
<- her report
http://www.mikestang.com/marissastv.htm <- my report w/pictures

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