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Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2017 10:39:58 -0800
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Dear List Members,

Now might be the right time to pick up some serious bargains on the
highest rated lunar meteorite in the world. Please see notes below
auction links for interesting facts.

No reserve auctions ending this evening:

Legendary NWA 5000 Lunar Meteorite Part Slice 1.088 grams - Over A Gram!

Legendary NWA 5000 Lunar Meteorite Part Slice .764 grams - Fantastic!

Legendary NWA 5000 Lunar Meteorite Part Slice .538 grams - Nice Tile!

Legendary NWA 5000 Lunar Meteorite Part Slice .488 grams - Beautiful!

Legendary NWA 5000 Lunar Meteorite Part Slice .334 grams - Awesome!

Legendary NWA 5000 Lunar Meteorite Part Slice .284 grams - Great!

Legendary NWA 5000 Lunar Meteorite Part Slice 1.00 grams Pure Dust!

This Is Part Of What Makes Legendary NWA 5000 The Very Best:

Highest rated lunar meteorite in existence with a near perfect 24.8 out
of a possible 25 points - Space Science Consulting Services

Official status recorded in the Meteoritical Bulletin, No. 93 ? 1 of 72
approved meteorites classified as a lunar ? Meteoritical Society

The most documented lunar meteorite in the world with thousands of hours
involved in micromanaging every aspect of it including a very detailed
website dedicated specifically to NWA 5000 ? themeteoritesite

Has multiple museum provenances ? Royal Ontario Museum and Yale Peabody

Well studied with 18 peer-reviewed and published scientific papers with
more in progress which puts it among the top of this list and it was
only discovered ten years ago ? Washington University In St. Louis

The consensus among research scientists, museums and collectors alike is
that the aesthetic and scientific qualities of NWA 5000 are unsurpassed
? 39th Lunar and Planetary Conference ? Houston, 2008

?It is mineralogically and texturally unique among feldspathic lunar
meteorites? which makes it extremely valuable from a scientific
standpoint and lends a stunning 3D appearance to flat surfaces on larger
specimens ? Planetary Scientist, Randy L. Korotev, Department of Earth
and Planetary Sciences, WUSTL

Used by NASA Apollo Astronaut and one of twelve men to walk on the Moon,
Charlie Duke to promote future missions to the Moon ? Field Museum of
Natural History, Chicago

It is one of the rare few lunar meteorites that have no parings, even
after ten years of searching, protecting previous and prospective
buyer?s investment in it. - Meteoritical Bulletin

Arguably, the most desirable lunar meteorite in the world - Yale Peabody

?NWA 5000 is a real miracle? Scientists do not usually use terms like
this in formal scientific abstracts but then again NWA 5000 is not usual
by any means ? Abstract no. 5231, N. Artemieva, Planetary Science,
Institute for Dynamics of Geospheres, RAS, Russia

NWA 5000?s legendary status is guaranteed. A Google search of Northwest
Africa 5000 produced over one million results on an inquiry (1,120,000
to be exact) and the abbreviated name, NWA 5000, produced an additional
645,000 results ? Google

Thank You for looking and if you are bidding, good luck,

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