[meteorite-list] AD - Sikhote Alin End Cuts & 1 Polished Fragment + Processing Info

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Date: Fri, 3 Nov 2017 13:01:44 -0400
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A fellow list member Derek sent me a 2504 gram end cut of Sikhote Alin to
process into end cuts, slices and a rough for my 50mm sphere

With my current work schedule it took about 5 days making one cut per day.

Here are some pics of the processed material




We ended up with the following

A ? 262 gram end cut with 5 cut faces
B ? 358 gram end cut with 3 cut faces
C ? 163 gram end cut with 3 cut faces
D ? 443 true end cut, single cut face. This is the nicest end cut of the
E ? 14 fragment consisting of what looks like 2 crystals

So we have a total of 1240 sellable grams and after looking at current
successful eBay listings, Derek and I decided to initially list these at $3
per gram.

If you are interested in any of this send an email to bobadebt at ec.rr.com

C sold in less then a day when I posted it to forum I frequent. When I was
polishing it, a corner separated and at first I was disappointed but then I
discovered it sits perfectly in place so it became a feature.

Check out this video and you will understand

My sphere rough weighs 1126 grams and Dmitry is going to earn his money if
he gets a 50mm sphere for this rough because it is tight.

We had an initial cut loss of 138 grams or right around 5% so that?s good
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